Your Curls' Best Friend!

Eric's Signature Curl Sculpting Cut

This is a luxurious, two-hour service that is performed on your hair while it is dry and in its natural curly state.

After a one-on-one consultation, your curls will be cut curl by curl, as they naturally live. This is followed by a hair detox treatment, if needed, and a botanical cleanse and condition.

Eric will then begin to style your hair with the most nourishing products for your specific curl type, while coaching you on how to recreate the look at home.

You'll then receive a step-by-step guide to take home, with the option to purchase any products used.

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Men's Signature Curl Sculpting Cut

This signature cut is designed for waves, curls, coils and all natural textures. Your hair will be sculpted curl by curl, while dry, in its natural curly state. This service includes a curl coaching session where you learn how to recreate the look at home. You'll then receive a step-by-step guide to take home with you, with the option to purchase any products used.

Please know that this is EXTREMELY important to the outcome of your Curl Sculpting Cut.

Because your hair will be sculpted according to your natural curl pattern, it is very important that you arrive with your hair clean, COMPLETELY dry AND detangled, in its natural curly state. Your hair needs to be hanging loosely and not pulled back in any way. Do not use any clips, ponytails, headbands, braids, etc. Using a light amount of products in your hair is fine, but please don't use any heavy oils or butters, as these only coat your curls. If you are using SheaMoisture or Cantu products, please discontinue use at least 30 days prior to your appointment. These products cause extreme build up on your hair and an accurate assessment of your curls is not possible. Additionally, this affects the end result of your haircut.

For hair that isn't completely dry, a $25 fee will apply to cover the time that is needed to dry your hair. If it is a situation where it would take more than 10 minutes to dry, or if your hair is not properly prepared for your visit, your appointment would need to be rescheduled, and a cancellation fee equaling the total of your service(s) will apply. If your hair is excessively tangled (longer than two minutes to detangle) a $25 detangling fee will apply and possibly some portion(s) of the service will be forfeited.

How to prepare your hair for your visit

Tired of it never looking good down, I decided to seek a curly-hair expert stylist. Eric is incredible. Truly. He educated me with patience and thoroughness and explained everything every step of the way.

Never has my hair had such care and attention.

Gretchen A.

He brought out the BEST in them. The cut is amazing and the entire experience left me knowing how to care for my hair at home (without being pressured to spend money on the products he carries).

 I had no idea my curls were this beautiful.

Laura F.

He knows that no two curls are the same. He takes his time during your appointment, is happy to answer any questions, and teaches you how to best utilize products for your hair to ensure your curls stay looking beautiful long after you've left his chair. 

Eric is a true curly hair master!

Robyn B.


Curl Rejuvenation

For any curl type that feels weighed down, dull and undefined as a result of product buildup, hard water or environmental stressors! This rejuvenating, deep cleansing treatment will bring all curl types back to life. It begins with a serum that gently removes buildup without stripping away essential moisture. The cleanser is then followed by a nourishing, deep conditioning treatment. 

*This is an add-on treatment and it does not include any other services. Please be sure to select any additional services desired.

In order to schedule any add-on treatments, you must select your other desired service(s), then select the add-on treatment.

True Hydration

This unique hydration treatment is infused with rosemary, chamomile and the most nourishing botanical ingredients. It’s the essential therapeutic remedy for dry or color-treated hair. 

*This is an add-on treatment and it does not include any other services. Please be sure to select any additional services desired.

The Scalp & Hair Facial

This ultra-relaxing treatment begins with a gentle, peppermint scalp exfoliation that is infused with Hawaiian Red Salt, which is rich in volcanic clay and minerals. Apple fruit restores hydration, and a rich blend of botanicals soothe inflammation and irritation. 

A clarifying detox hair mask infused with charcoal, kaolin and Certified Organic white vinegar will draw out micro particles to the surface without stripping hair of natural oils. 

*This is an add-on treatment and it does not include any other services. Please be sure to select any additional services desired.

Great cut, shape, style, and care for my lovely Curly Hair Sessions!! Thank you!

Eric Kelley is my favorite Hair Care accessory!

Lisa H.

Great curl definition and my hair is unbelievably soft and fluffy. I absolutely recommend Eric, especially if you have lost your fight taming your curls.

I am so pleased with my curls.

Colette G.

Eric was very professional and at the same time made me feel very welcome. No rush and great style. It was my first time and I already trust him.

I love my hair cut and color.

Robyn B.

color service:


Sometimes called "base" or "root" color, this is a process where you may alter the natural color of your hair, or cover grey, and hair will be all one tone. (This is NOT highlights.) This service will begin with a thorough consultation.

Eric uses AlfaParf color for this service. AlfaParf has over 75% less ammonia than most professional colors, and also contains hyaluronic acid, which is a gold standard in cosmetic products for hydration. Hyaluronic acid can bind 1000 times its molecular weight in water, making it very hydrating for your curls.

To ensure that your hair can safely receive the services you desire, any color service that extends beyond basic grey coverage requires an in-person consultation before booking. All color services are a la carte, and do not come with a haircut or style. If you wish to have your hair cut or styled after your color service(s), please schedule for the desired service(s) on the booking page. 

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