Eric Kelley is Louisiana's Curly Hair Expert.

Award-winning and published curly hair expert, Eric has worked in the beauty industry building a wealth of experience, honing his skills, and diversifying his talents. As a young stylist, he recognized and began cultivating his personal passion for curly hair.

In 2008, he pursued a formal education with world-renowned experts in the art of cutting, coloring, and styling curly hair. This pursuit led him to the DevaChan Salon in New York City, the home of DevaCurl products.

At this premier salon, he trained with celebrity stylists and the industry's leading experts on curly hair, including Lorraine Massey, Shari Harbinger and Denis DaSilva. Under their direct instruction, he learned the art of the acclaimed DevaCut and Pintura Highlighting techniques and earned accreditation as Louisiana's first DevaCurl Advanced Stylist and Colorist.

In 2019, Eric became the first and only stylist in Louisiana to learn the trademarked Curl-by-Curl Cutting technique directly from Lorraine Massey in her new salon, Spiral XYZ, in NYC. To this day, he remains one of very few select stylists in the entire southern region with this elite educational experience.

With the belief that learning never ends, Eric continues to engage in educational opportunities provided by the world's most celebrated professionals in the curly hair industry.

Eric’s growing list of firsts for Louisiana doesn’t stop there! To date, he is the only stylist in Louisiana to be certified by celebrity stylist Daze Henson in her Daze Curl Kinetic Cutting method. 

In 2022, after receiving personal, intense training from Nubia, the founder of the multi award-winning Rëzo Cut and Rëzo Lites, he became the first and only Rëzo Curl Level 2 Advanced Stylist in Louisiana.

Eric believes that the products used on curly hair are equally important in achieving naturally-beautiful curls. He scrutinizes products for ingredients, and what those ingredients do in relation to curly hair. He provides his clients with practical knowledge, and they leave with a full understanding of how to nourish and care for their curls at home.

All of the diligence and education has currently earned Eric awards for his work in curly hair, various nominations for both national and international awards, as well as being published in, and the first-ever male panelist, for Curl Magazine.

However, simply knowing how to cut and color curly hair isn't enough. 


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DevaCurl Advanced Level 2 Cutting and Coloring


Rëzo Level 2 Advanced Artist

Daze Curl Kinetic Cutting Artist